We work in partnership with many of the worlds top brands on their endorsement programs including the following manufacturers
  • Aguilar logo

    Aguilar Amplification, handmade in the USA is one of the premium bass gear manufacturers in the world. We stock a wide range of bass amplifiers and cabinets including the DB751, Tone Hammer, AG500 and matching 115, 410, 412, 212 & 810 cabinets.

  • Ampeg

    We hold the largest selection of Ampeg amplifiers and cabinets from the legendary bass amp manufacturer to rent in the UK. This includes all SVT & Pro models, Classic & VR Series, Vintage Mk1 and the complete cabinet range plus a selection of dummy amps and cabs.

  • Ashdown logo

    Immediately identifiable on stages around the world thanks to its glowing VU meter, Ashdown has been a firm favourite with professional gigging bass players for the best part of twenty years.

  • Barefaced

    Ultra lightweight high power bass guitar speaker cabinets.

  • Blackstar logo

    Blackstar Amps making great guitar amps for players around the world. Their unique and patented innovations will take you a step closer to finding the ‘sound in your head’. We hold a select collection for rental.

  • Bugera

    BUGERA is an exclusive guitar and bass amplifier brand dedicated to top-shelf vacuum tube and hybrid amplifier design.

  • C&C Drums

    Player Date Series

  • Canopus

    Neo Vintage, R.F.M Maple and Ash Series from Japan

  • Craviotto

    Hand crafted solid shell drums

  • Crush

    Sublime Maple Series

  • D Drum

    Dios and Diode Series

  • Dark Horse Percussion

    Custom Kit Series

  • DW

    Huge collection of Collector Series, Exotic Series and Jazz Series in a wide range of finishes

  • EBS logo

    EBS is high quality musical equipment. EBS products has been awarded several times for the outstanding performance and quality and are developed to meet the highest demands of professional musicians.

  • EICH

    For more than a quarter of a century, EICH have immersed themselves in the world of deep tones: we analyze, harmonize and perfect your sound.

  • Engl

    Since it’s humble beginnings in 1983, the ENGL name has represented the finest in tube amplifier technology, sound and design.

  • Faith

    The Venue and Neptune ranges

  • Fender logo

    Huge selection from the Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision, Jazz, Mustang and PM Acoustic Ranges

  • Ford

    Maverick Series

  • Fuchs logo

    Fuchs Audio Technology has established itself as a highly respected new voice in handcrafted amplification and custom effects.

  • Gallien Kreuger logo
    Gallien Kreuger

    Superior bass amps and products designed and made in the U.S.A. We hold the entire RB Series and Fusion models.

  • Gibson logo

    The Midtown, SG, Thunderbird, Chet Atkins, Explorer, Firebird, Flying V, Les Paul, SG, 330, Chet Atkins, ES Series, Hummingbird, J Series & Songwriter Deluxe ranges

  • Gretsch

    Vintage, Broadkaster, Brooklyn, Renown and USA Custom series

  • Hartke logo

    Hartke revolutionized the world of bass amplification in 1985 with the creation of a unique aluminum cone driver that produced a bass tone with far broader dynamics than had ever been heard before.

  • Hiwatt logo

    Classic British Guitar Amplification. Built to the highest standards and specification and road-tested by a generation of legendary musicians. We hold the vintage DR series and matching cabinets.

  • Hughes & Kettner logo
    Hughes & Kettner

    No limits. No compromises. This is what you get when 30 years of tube amp expertise combine with an absolute freedom of engineering. You can find the Tri-Amp Series here at John Henry’s.

  • Istanbul

    Handmade cymbals from Turkey – we hold a selection of these high quality cymbals for rental

  • Kawai

    World class stage pianos from Japan

  • Korg

    Huge selection of models including the Kronos, Triton and M Ranges

  • Laney logo

    Legendary British amp manufacturer, 50 years young and going strong. We stock the Lionheart, Nexus and VC Series.

  • Latin Percussion

    For over half a century, LP has crafted classic percussion instruments as well as patented hundreds of improvements and new designs for musical instruments that meet the exacting standards of professional musicians.

  • Ludwig

    Vintage Super Classic, Classic Maple, Downbeat and Keystone X series drums in a wide variety of finishes.

  • Mapex

    Saturn series in a large choice of finishes

  • Markbass logo

    This brand has become the milestone in bass amplification. Markbass is well known all over the world. We have a range of bass combos and amplifiers with matching cabinets available for rent.

  • Marshall logo

    The iconic British amplifier and cabinet manufacturer founded in 1960 by Jim Marshall. We hold one of the worlds largest selections of Marshall amps and cabs for rental. From the original amps & cabs through to the latest JVM series.

  • Masters of Maple

    Neo Classic range in a choice of finishes

  • Meinl

    Meinl Percussion – the ultimate selection in percussion.

  • Natal

    Cafe Racer series

  • Orange

    The Orange range includes guitar amps and bass amps of both tube & solid state design, plus a range a solidly built cabinets. We hold a complete stock of all ranges.

  • Paiste

    We hold stock of a wide range of Paiste Cymbals including the Signature, 2002, Sound Formula and 3000 Series along with a selection of Gongs and Deadringers.

  • Peavey logo

    Stocking the 6505 Series, the uncontested sound of Metal and the Classic Series “Timeless Classics From An American Original”.

  • Premier

    Classic and Elite Series drums

  • Randall logo

    Randall is an industry leader in guitar amplifiers, cabinets, combos and pedals. Design in the USA. We hold the Thrasher, RD45H & NBKING100 models and matching cabinets.

  • Rickenbacker

    Bass & Semi Acoustic guitars

  • Rivera logo

    Rivera Amplification. The definition of tone.. We hold the Clubster, Fandango and Knucklehead ranges.

  • Roland

    Large collection including the RD Stage piano’s, Fantom, Juno, Jupiter & V-Synth ranges.

  • Sakae

    High end drums from Japan

  • SJC

    Custom and Navigator Series available in white and black gloss finishes

  • Supro logo

    Discover the legend, Supro Classic Series amps are inspired by the tones, construction and cosmetics of the iconic Supro amps from the late 1950’s. We hold the Classic & 64 Re-Issue series.

  • SWR logo

    The pinnacle of modern hi-fidelity bass tones, SWR Professional Series Amps and Cabinets are the definitive top-shelf product, built tough with a sleek design. Features like the Aural Enhancer, Sub-Wave, Semi-Parametric or Active EQ, Tube Pre-amp, and the famous SWR crystal clear tone have made SWR the first choice for Professional Bassplayers everywhere.

  • Tama

    Starclassic and Superstar ranges in a choice of finishes

  • Taylor

    Huge selection of Acoustic & Semi Acoustic guitars from the 410 series through to the top of the range 910 series.

  • TC Electronics

    A world-leader in pristine, digital and analog audio processing since 1976. As old as us!

  • Victory

    Guitar Amplifiers custom made in England. Their aim is simple: to create amplifiers that inspire you ever onwards in your playing and never let you down. We stock the V50 hand-wired “The Earl” guitar amplifier and matching 412 cabinets.

  • VOX logo

    Manufacturers of the famous VOX AC30 guitar amplifier. We stock 6 versions of the AC30 from the Vintage 60’s model to the latest hand-wired models. And the versatile AC15 combos.

  • Warwick

    Range of Bass guitars including Corvette & Streamer series

  • Yamaha

    Phoenix, 9000 Series, Maple Custom, Birch Custom, Oak Custom and Absolute ranges available in a choice of finishes

  • Zildjian

    We hold stock of a wide range of Zildjian Cymbals including the A Custom, K Custom, Z Custom, A Series and Z Series along with Deadringers.