Client: Universal Music
Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Venue: Up at the O2
Received from: Shiarra Bell

"Hi Johnny

It was incredibly successful and definitely a very memorable experience.

We really appreciate all the hard work.

I know the band were extremely thankful we were able to pull it together so quickly."

Emma Ludbrook

"Hey Johnny,

Massive props for an amazing job well done, it was fantastic!

It was a total success from the bands point of view they were extremely happy with it and greatly appreciative of everyone's efforts.

Many thanks to you and your crew guys for making it happen

That was a real one off situation and quite unique. I only went up and down the once and was exhausted so really do appreciate and understand all your crews efforts in such extreme short notice.

Many thanks again,"

Shiarra Bell - Universal

John Henry's Staff at Event:

Johnny Henry

Tom Hammond

Simon Roberts

Danny Felice

Bazz Cape

Ben Cowen